How to Make Choux Buns that are Stuffed with Foie Gras Recipe?

To prepare this recipe, you need to have the following ingredients.

  • Choux pastry without sugar to make around 18 choux buns
  • 2/3 oz of cooked foir gras for every choux
  • 5 oz crushed hazelnuts that are dry roasted and cooled down on absorbing paper
  • ½ lb green salad such as corn salad, rocket or arugula
  • 1.5 oz celeriac cut into small sticks
  • Sherry vinegar, colza hazelnut oil for vinaigrette

You need to cook the choux without sugar in the pastry one day ahead of preparation and store in a dry place. The foie gras has to be cut into 18 small pieces and make 18 balls with warm water. These balls have to be frozen for five minutes in the deep freezer. Then, pour the prepared hazelnuts on a plate and roll the balls and keep them in the fridge once again. Five minutes before the meal, pre-heat the oven and put the choux and cut them into two halves.

Season the salad with black pepper, salt, vinaigrette and celeriac julienne and distribute on the middle of the plates. Put the choux buns into the oven for five minutes and put 3 of them on every plate and remove the top part. Fill the plate with the ball made of foie gras, add the choux cap on them and serve immediately.

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