Countryside Food to Taste at Auvergne in France

Auvergne is one among the oldest popular regions in the continent of Europe. It is also known for the presence of extinguished volcanoes. This place has mountains that provide wonderful ski slopes during winter and exciting hiking grounds in the summer season. This region is the birthplace of Queen Margot. Auvergne is not only famous for its beautiful landscapes and volcanoes, but also for the terrestrial pleasures and visitor fans of cheeses will be happy visiting this place. There are varieties of cheeses made here such as Saint-Nectaire, Cantal, Blue d’Auvergne, and Fourme d’Ambert. People preferring cochonailles should not miss the dry sausage recipes of this place. The table will not get completed without the regional specialties such as Potful auvergnate, aligot, the lenses of Puy or the Tripoux that can be tasted in summer.

Below are some of the popular countryside recipes that popular in Auvergne. These dishes are also found on the menu card of restaurants that serve countryside food stuff in France.


This recipe is nothing but an auvergnate version of the popular ‘pot au feu’ and it is differentiated in terms of the preparation, saffron, and addition. In a large stew pan, you need to place a large piece of a beef spare rib, a piece of raw dry ham with its bone, and a hen without any organs. Fill this pan with water and let it boil. Then, remove the froth that forms above the water on a regular basis until there is no more froth left. The stock that remains in the pan should be clear. Now, add peeled carrots, turnips, green cabbage, one or two onions, leeks, a branch of celeriac and other vegetables that you like to add.

Add coarse salt and crushed pepper to taste and let it cook softly for 2 hours. Keep on removing the froth and the fat from above the stock. When the meat is completely cooked, serve it on a large hot dish. The meat should be surrounded by vegetables. The stock should be sieved carefully into a different pan to avoid maximum fat content. Before this, you should have poured some saffron into the pan. Boil the stock a little more, and service the stock into soup dishes on slices of dried cottage bread.


The next recipe that we are going to see is Lentils that needs the following.

500 grams of Puy lentils
1 peeled and coarsely chopped carrot
1 peeled onion that is pricked with 3 cloves
Salt and fresh ground pepper

You can soak the lentils for an hour if needed, and put the lentils in a large pot. Cover the lentils with a huge quantity of water. Then, add carrots and onion, and bring the mixture to boil. Reduce the heat and let the lentils cook at a gentle simmer. Then, you need to skim the impurities that come up while you are cooking. After 15 minutes, add salt to the lentils. To know if the lentils are cooked, take one of them between your fingers and press the same. If the lentil gets squashed, then it means it is cooked.

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