Check out Chocolate Pie with Chocolate Truffle Recipe

For this recipe, gather the below mentioned ingredients.

  • 3.5 oz of black chocolate, caster sugar, butter, and wheat flour each
  • 4 eggs

For chocolate truffle,

  • 5 oz black chocolate
  • 2 oz bitter pure cocoa powder
  • 0.8 pt liquid cream


To prepare the pie, melt the chocolate into a bain marie and add sugar and yolk of eggs. Blend it carefully to form froth and add flour and egg white that were stiffly beaten. Add them gently using a wooden spatula and pour the molten butter as well. Pre-heat the over and pour the dough into a non-sticking round mold and cook for 35 minutes. Test if it is baked by checking it with a sharp knife that should come out dry and wait for 15 minutes. The cake should be taken out of the over, de-molded and let to cool down.

To make the truffles, make the cream boil and pour it on the chocolate that you have cut into pieces to melt it. Make the mixture uniform with the help of a whip. Pour little of the ganache (the mixture) on the pie to form a thin layer with a metal spatula. When the ganache is cold, form many bowls of the truffles so ensure you have enough to cover the pie. Now, roll the truffle in the cocoa powder and keep them aside. Serve this pie with caramel custard, vanilla custard or orange water sorbet.

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